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The Beating Heart Of Motor Culture

We're a creative hub at the crossroads of automobile, commerce & culture. 

Fastluck is a radical reinvention of the agency model. Firstly we love cars and motorbikes - so that's what we specialise in. Secondly our creative studio is not just a place of work - it's a destination. Our clubhouse is both a physical and virtual platform to engage with fans and create compelling content.

We are expert social storytellers, obsessed with automotive culture, connected to a passionate global community.
We enable our brand partners to join the conversation authentically - with both purpose and impact. 

Home: About Us

An Agency

We’re a brand consultancy and creative studio dedicated to a single mission - to help brands become an integral part of automotive culture.

Many agencies say it - but we live it.


Fastluck is an integral part of car and bike communities, creating powerful stories and experiences from within. We connect companies to global audiences, via the people and things they care about most.


A Community

Our studio serves as a 'clubhouse' - a communal meeting space, gallery and venue for industry events, hospitality and launches.

We curate a quarterly calendar of themed car and bike exhibits, and host regular community open days.

We also sublease several of our office units and workshops  to independent artists and craftspeople.


A Media Network

We’re cultivating a global network of drivers, riders, artists, influencers and fans.


Many feature in original stories and documentaries on our social channels, and our podcasts showcase the coolest people in motoring.

All this activity enables us to make connections that span industries, interests and generations. 


A Lifestyle Brand

We believe that the most effective and authentic way to engage the auto community is to be an integral part of it.

Fastluck is a consumer brand in its own right - a fashion label, with a range of clothing and accessories.


We're also a lifestyle brand; involved in festivals, rallies and expeditions.


Building Communities From Within

We are not marketeers. We are community builders, who share a passion for motors with millions of people around the world. By telling really cool stories and encouraging conversation, we spread the love natively.

Of course this is a very tribal and nuanced community. Some people love four wheels, others prefer two. Motorsports, eSports, customs, classics and supercars. Each clique has its own vehicles and specific style, that extends to art, entertainment, fashion and music. You can't fake your way in. So we mingle, and collaborate with the most trusted opinion leaders. We assimilate ourselves.

Brands are an integral part of the stories we tell, because they're an essential part of the culture. But the strength of any brand is proportionate to the number of people that connect with its values. So using both data and cultural insight we identify the commonalities that bind a brand to the crowd. That way we ensure that our content helps people express themselves, and connect with others. 

Sure we create content and promote its reach - but we still don't consider it marketing. We think of it as fuel (or electricity) and we believe that deeper and more valuable brand/consumer relationships are fostered this way.

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Home: Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Darren Collins

managing partner


Patrick Mulford

creative partner


Alex Jacobs


Lizzy Bassham

hospitality consultant

Tom Birmingham



Greg Taylor

video director


Keerstin Wintrup

trend consultant


Arlen Figgis

video director

Ehsan Cooks

video director


Dean Smith



Alex Holden

video editor



front of house

We are a passionate collective of industry-leading creatives, connectors, strategists and culture hounds, with a singular focus and specific expertise in the automotive industry.

Home: Get In Touch

Get In Touch

We're opening our first global clubhouse and event space in the UK, later this year. Stay tuned for updates in the near future...


We love to chat cars, bikes and culture. Whether you're a company trying to crack the motor scene (and develop a compelling multi-channel campaign), an industry expert, or just a massive fan like us - don't be a stranger.

Right now we're busy building our clubhouse and gallery  - which will be the perfect space to connect, talk shop and share ideas. Until then you can still contact us digitally...

07796 170112


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Giving Back

At Fastluck we appreciate that everything we do has an impact and a consequence, and driving is no exception.
We're no angels but we do what we can to reduce our energy and waste. We also dedicate a proportion of our time and profit to our favourite charities.

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